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Victor Hugo

Victor-Marie Hugo is the full name he recieved from his Mother Sophie Trébuche and his Father Joseph-Léopold-Sigisbert Hugo. His father was also a military officer which serverd under Napolean as a general. Born in Besancon, France, on Feburary 26, 1802. Victor Hugo in his older years is mostly known for his poetry and novels, such as Les Mis and Les Chatiments. And Hunchback Of Notre-Dame. Was also the most celebrated literary writers in the 1840s. Then he passed away May 22, 1885.


1802, Feb 26 - Victor Hugo was born in Besancon, France.1822 - Victor writes his first book of poems Odes et Poésies Diverses which was published.1823 - First novel was published called the Han d'Islande.1831 - Hugo's next book Hunchback of Notre Dame was written. Increasing Hugo's popularity and reputation of greatest writter in France.1848 - After French Revolution was elected to serve in the Second Republic.1853 - Hugo's best work in poetry called Les Chatiments is published.1876 - Hugo is elected to the senate but because of poor health had to return to Guernsey.

1. Hugo gets accepted by the French Acadamy because of a poem he wrote in a national contest and won 1st place in 1817.2. Victor Hugo marries his childhood friend Adèle Foucher in 1822.3. They have their first child together who they named Leopold in 1823.4. Hugo's first play Cromwell is published This play ignited the debate between Classicism and Romanticism in 1827.5. Hugo's play Hernani was said to take theatre to a more realistic level and made him rich in 1830..

Lasting Impact

In my opinion, I believe that Victors works in both Poetry and Writing have both made an impact on the world that is still seen today. How do I know this? Well no matter which school you go to or what teacher you have you will study this man for being great at everything including poetry, play writing, and for being a novelist. You may also already know about some of his works like les mis or hunchback of notre dame but may not have just known he was the creator of it.

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Victor Hugo



Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.~Victor Hugo

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