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Víctor A. Carreño

1956 - Born in Santo Domingo, DR1974 - Graduated Margarita Janer Palacios High with Honors1979 - Graduated University of Puerto Rico-Hired to NASA Langley Research Center and assigned to the Aircraft Electronics System Branch1983 - Invented the Single Frequency Multitransmitter Telemetry System1985 - Obtained Master's Degree from Old Dominican University1986 - Granted Patent for MFSTS1997 - Obtained PhD from University of Cambridge, England2007 - Retired from NASA

Dr. Carreño is an inventor, mathematician, and NASA Aerospace Engineer and Aerospace Technologist Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Puerto Rico, Dr. Carreño moved to the United States when he was recruited by NASA in 1979.Until his retirement in 2007, Dr. Carreño worked in the field of automated air traffic management, and participated in NASA's airborne lightning research. The F106 research aircraft used Dr. Carreño's equipment to better assess damage done to airplane instruments by lightning strikes.


Dr. Carreño's work has made air travel safer, particularly his work with lightning research.His invention, the Single Frequency Multitransmitter Telemetry System, allows data from aircraft computers to be collected more quickly and efficiently.


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Víctor A. Carreño



NASA's Airborne Lightning Research

Each white mark on this F106resulted from a lightning strike!


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