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Vicious Killer

The komodo dragon mainly eats dead, rotting animals. Water buffalo especally. The komodo dragon does not have any teeth so it strips skin from the animal with its claws, and swallows it whole!

Locals have found an animal known as a komodo dragon!

Vicious Killer!

This is the main site!

The real monster!

This is what the local food looks like.

Komodo dragons are reptiles. They do not undergo metamorphsis, so when the eggs hatch, the baby komodo dragons came out the look like mini komodo dragons. Komodo dragons are found in and near Indonesia. When it mates, it lays its eggs and the male fertileizes the eggs and the female protects them

Komodo dragons are misjudged animals. people think because of their apperance that they are monsters but they will not attack unless threatened


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