Vibrio Cholerae

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Vibrio Cholerae

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Vibrio Cholerae

Filippo Pacini first discovered V. cholerae in Italy in 1854. In 1992, cholera emerged in extreme proportions in India and Bangladesh.

What is Vibrio Cholerae?

Vibrio cholerae is the causative agent of cholera and is associated with intake of improperly cooked food or poor sanitary conditions. Vibrio Cholerae is linked to hundreds and thousands of deaths worldwide due to cholera outbreak.

Vibrio Cholerae is a major public health problem in many developing countries. Overall, it is important in the sence that we should protect ourselves from it, but it would not affect us if it disappeared or never existed.

Is it Important?

Social Outburst!The outbreak causes panic. This panic restricts traveling to and from countries with the outbreak.It also cause restrictions on food. For example, the cholera outbreak in Peru in 1991 cost the country $ 770 million due to food trade embargoes and adverse effects on tourism.

Infections had an increase of 79% from 2005- 2006!


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