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Veterinarians are doctors of veterinary medicine diagnose. They treat diseases and injuries of pets, such as dogs and cats, and farm animals, such as cattle or sheep and sometimes horses. Animal shelters and sanctuaries, Animal hospitals, Laboratories, Zoos, Aquariums and other Wild animal places. To be a vetenarian you need to take all the mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics courses. In college you should choose a degree program which will provide you a strong grounding in the biological and physical sciences.

- Liberty Vet Pets-2. VCA Cat Hospital of Philadelphia - Cats Only-Veterinary Specialty ' Emergency Center-Banfield Pet Hospital® - South Philly-Animedic

You need 4 years of undergraduate school and then 4 more years at a veterinary school. The median salary is $79,000, basically you need a 4 year bachelors degree in college plus 4 years of veterinary medicine school with a doctorate of veterinary medicine. Besides anatomy, you will have to learn physiology, biochemistry, cell biology, histology, pathology, internal medicine, radiology, surgery, immunology and many more.

Animals you work with: horses,cattle,sheep, goats, pigs, cats and dogs, ferrets, llamas, alpacas, pet birds, snakes, lizards, fish, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.

Ohio State University University of FloridaTexas A'M UniversityMichigan State UniversityUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign PublicUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonAll of these University requires 4 years.



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