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Job Description A vet is a person that diagnoses,treats,or researches diseases and injuries of animals

Olivia S.

Why is this carrer a good match for me?This carreer is a good match for me because ever since I was 6 I wanted to work with animals.I love animals too. This is a carrer that I would want to work with.

Knowledge Needed1.Medical and Dentistry2.Biology3.Mathematics



The wadges per year in May 2012 was $84,460.

What education is needed for this carreer?You will need 8 years after high school to become a entry-level vet.1.University of Pensylvania, Philiadephia,Penn2.Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine,Blacksburg,Virginia

Skills Needed1.Science-scientific rules and methods2.Critical Thinking-using logic/reasoning to the strengths3.Reading Comprehension-understanding written sentences and documents

Typical Tasks1. Collect body tissue,blood,or the body fluids2. Drive mobile clinic3. Perform surguries

1 thing that I will enjoy about this topic is that I get to work with animals.1 thing that I might dislike about doing this topic because I would have to perform surguries and give the animals shots.

Things I can do for this carreer now are:- volunteer at the animal shelter(s)- interview a vet- visit a animal shelter


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