[2015] Camen Weber: Veterans Party of America

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[2015] Camen Weber: Veterans Party of America

Veterans Party of America

United We Stand Together We Win





Veterans Party of America was founded on December 19, 2013 by Mark Wilder and John Dennis III.

Party was created when Congress reduced cost of living allowances for military retirees, including medically retiredafter sustaining injuries in combat.Party monitors followers through amount of people on Facebook page; Green and Libertarian Parties only other more popular parties.

I'm not a Republican. I'm not a Democrat. I'm an American and I want my country back.

Chairman of Party: Mark WilderVice Chairman: Steve Harrison


Believe government should focus on safety and security of America and its citizens but Congress must address any undermining of policies and laws without prejudice.Funding from Home Land Security should be used to increase the amount of Border security.Verterans Party proposes there be a tiered system allowing illegal immigrants to report to local centers, with set grace periods, and Immigration services will operate.

Activated party in all 50 states: recognized in MS, soon to be recognized in AK, CA, and DE.Ran a dozen candidates in 5 states; winning one seat.Authorized to run candidates in Indiana and Montana.


Sufficient efforts must be made to adopt, implement, and manage Resource Management Programs Federal government must be involved in establishing minimal guidelines and coordinating programsVeterans of America are in favor of reducing the carbon footprint, but feel there must be a balance between a clean and healthy environment for wildlife and people along with jobs and economic developments.

Elected officials must own the problems of the office they gain from the moment they are elected.Seeking people who want to preserve America for the next generation and bring back the ideals the nation was founded on.No membership fee


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