Veterans Day

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day Project

Japanese Internment Camps

By: Joey Rogoff

Following pearl harbor the government forced many Japanese Americans to go to temprory internment camps. Later they were moved to more permenant camps on the west side of the United States. The camps were surrounded by guards and fences.

World War II


Short Term EffectsMany of the survivors were granted 20,000 dollars and the president appoligized. This event can also be considered one of the worst things the United States has done.

Change in historyThis event made the United States think more about racial rights. Many of the Japanese people lost their land and homes.

Personal ReflectionAfter doing extensive reasearch on this topic I have learned more about it. This event makes me think about what kind of discripmination is still going on and how to prevent me or anyone elso from discriminating someone.



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