Veterans Day 2010

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Veterans Day 2010

Veterans' Day 2010

It is important to observe Veterans' Day because others have given their lives for freedom in the United States, and we cannot pay the price for freedom without suffering in someway. Veterans are the people who have given everything in order for others to have the freedom to worship whatever they believe. We would not be here today if they had not sacrificed for us. The least we can do is honor them with one day out of the year to show our appreciation. --Kara D., 7-2

It is important to observe Veterans' Day because it is a way of honoring and thanking those who served. Freedom isn't free, and many men and women have paid the highest price for our freedom--their lives. We need to thank them for their sacrifices. --Taylor F., 7-1

Freedom is not free. On this day every year we honor all who served and gave their lives for this country. The price for freedom is high indeed, but many men still fought and died. We observe Veterans' Day in memory of those brave men. --Michael R., 7-1

In America freedom is valued. Freedom is fought for. Freedom is died for. On Veterans' Day, those who have sacrificed the most for freedom are honored. If freedom is really valued, those men and women who fought for it will be valued also. --Joshua C., 7-3

We should recognize Veterans' Day because many men died for us to be able to come to a Christian school, worship whomever we want, and even to be able to own a weapon. We take our freedom for granted because we were not the ones fighting for our country. If we take our freedom for granted, what will do when we are no longer free? --Lauren J., 7-2

It is important to remember those who have died to defend the expensive price of freedom. We have all thought of what it would be like to defend our country, but have we really done so? The poor souls who have volunteered to go and fight have died that we might live. If you had walked onto a battefield stained in blood and alive with the low, steady beat of merciless foes with weapons that spew out hot leads, what would you do? The strong-hearted soldiers that we send out should be honored for eternity. --Benjamin T., 7-1

I think we should honor veterans because they fought and fight for the United States' freedom. These are men and women who give up their lives for our well-being. Freedom is not free. It has a price, and these people decide to pay it. They deserve to be highly honored for their duties. My grandpa served in the Korean War, and my cousin is currently serving in the war. I pray for all of the men and women fighting today. --Abby R., 7-1

We should honor veterans because they have been separated from their loved ones, family and friends. To be a veteran, you have to have courage, bravery, and a willing heart to serve our country. Many have lost their lives already, and the least we could do is honor them by having a day set aside for them. We free Americans have no idea of what they go through and all the stress and pressure on them. That's why I think we should appreciate and honor them today. --Callie M., 7-2


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