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Vet Tech

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Veterinarian Technician

How biology is used for Vet Technicians:The reason why biology is used for vet tech because I think it is important to know biology before you touch an animal. You need biology to know what cells the animal has, how they function, and how the animal structure works. When we don’t learn these things we would make constant mistakes and make the animals die. As a vet tech we need to see which areas of the animal needs to be cured so that we might give them antibiotics or might do surgery on them. Doing surgery, you really need biology knowledge to do it. You need to know which section you are marking down and where to cut the part without damaging any organs or other cells and parts in the body. This is why biology is important when you want to have a career in veterinarian studies.

Training required as a vet tech:The training required for vet techs are mostly hands on components, students need to gain clinical skills by working with animals daily, knowing what to do to the animal and how to help and perform procedure to the animal.Other hand on component for training are laboratory skills. As a vet tech in the lab, you would need to know the machines you would use for the animal and how it would work. In the lab you are doing procedures to help the animal feel better. •Prepare the animal for surgery•Monitor the condition of the animal•And assist your co-workers with the animal when working togetherThese skills help you develop what role you have to do as a vet tech. I think the most important training is actually dealing with the animal. Some animals would let you do the procedures and others won’t. It depends on the animal and how they act towards you. It’s training where you would find different ways to hold the animal and how you would treat them and handel them in certian situations.


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