Vessel Element Cell

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Vessel Element Cell

Vessel Element Cells

One of the important organelles of a vessel element cell are the end walls. Also, an important feature of the cell is to flow water throughout the whole plant. (Source 2)

A special feature of the cell is that when fully mature, it dies so that it can carry out its function better. (Source 1) This is because when the cell is dead, water can pass through it easily. The cell is structured to carry out its duty dead and alive thanks to its organelles and a polymer present called lignin. Lignin is present in vessel element and trachied cells, and it keeps the cell walls stiff so they can retain their shape. (Source 3)Another special feature of the cell is that they only form in plants that are in their most evolved stage to help the plant keep its shape structure. (Source 1)


The structure of the end walls are slightly broken down, which makes the cell into a tube-like shape. Lots of vessel element cells put together create a long tube, or fiber, that are strung together. (Source 1) An important, and one of the main, features of the vessel element cell is to transport water. The end walls of the cells help guide the water to the next cell for easy movement. Vessel element cells team up with trachied cells that are responsible for circulating water and some nutrients throughout the whole upper plant (stem and leaves). The pits (as seen in the picture) are pores in the sides of vessel element and trachied cells to allow water to flow sideways as well as up and down. (Source 3) By being able to easily access water, the plant organism can survive much more efficiently. Vessel element cells work hand-in-hand with trachied cells, that make up xylem cells/tissue, that make up vascular tissues of vascular plants (vascular plants are plants that produce/transport water and minerals and conduct photosynthesis within the plant).

Important Organelles and Features

Structure and Function

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