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VerveSpring Cleanse

Awareness is the foundation of the practice when participating in the Verve Cleanse. We like to call it our Verve philosophy! As you will experience it is the common thread that flows through all aspects of the cleanse. As we practice our chosen elements of the Cleanse such as yoga, meditation, journalling, cleaning, shopping, cooking and eating, etc... we do so from our yin perspective. Through complete awareness we are able to move beyond the surface orientation that we describe as yang and turn inward to a more quiet place, referred to as yin. It is from this place that we cleanse. This is our Verve Philosophy - Cleanse from the inside out! As we begin to embody this philosophy we begin to realize that this cleanse is not about food but a mind/body union Energy is looked at quantitatively. As if we can measure it. “I don’t have enough energy!” “I am low in energy” - Verve looks at energy qualitatively as well. It’s not just how much energy you have but how it is used. Here is where diet and exercise can help. Through what we eat and what we do, we can tonify our energy and better use it.

DAYS FOUR - SIXVEGETABLES & FRUIT GRAINS, NUTS & SEEDSAll vegetables are great - can be combined with grains. All Fruits are great - remember to eat alone.Nuts and Seeds must be eaten alone. GrainsBrown, Basmati and Jasmine rice as well as quinoa are readily available, you can include buckwheat and millet, but they are more difficult to locate. No Breads allowed. Nuts & Seeds Pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds as well as almonds and walnuts are fun to eat either raw or dry roasted. Do not mix your together!

DAYS ONE - THREE FRUITS & VEGETABLES ONLYAll vegetables are great, including avocado (technically a fruit, but can be treated as a veggie). Any vegetable can be eaten with any other vegetable.All fruits. Must be eaten alone, fruits cannot be combined with anything else. VegetablesGreens: Mildly sour or bitter greens have a gentle cleansing action on the liver and contain vital minerals for the body. Key info: great source of calcium.Examples: Cabbage, collard greens, dandelion, watercress, chard, kale, bok choy, mustard greens.No restrictionsRoot vegetables: Root veggies are sweet for the body and build qi (energy), they benefit the GI system and are easy to digestExamples: Carrot, sweet potato, potato, parsnip, squash, onionNo restrictionsSalad Greens: Energetically cooling, be careful not do over do it here, cleansing is naturally cooling so we want to warm the body through the foods we eat.Recommendation: eat sparingly SpicesThere are no forbidden spices, use them to give your food some pizazz. Try using fresh herbs to liven up your dishes. Italian parsley, chive, scallion, dill, the list goes on. Try using fresh sage with your roasted root vegetables, it's scrumptious. OilsDon't be afraid of fat. Fat has gotten a bad rap, but we need to eat the right fat to stay healthy. Good quality oils are good for us and can be used during the cleanse. Try avocado, grape seed, safflower and cold pressed olive oil. These oils will help us combat the cooling aspect of the cleanse by giving us a little insulation. FruitFruit is natures candy. Avoid the trap of eating a lot of fruit. It is not restricted because it has value, but this cleanse is not designed to be a fruit fast. The reasons; fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth & we are trying to get past that. Most importantly fruit exacerbates the detox process, so you will feel the effects more aggressively. LiquidsWater, water everywhere. - Drink lots of water, it will help facilitate the detoxification of the body. Try drinking water at room temperature, it is much easier for the body to absorb it. Sparkling Water with a twist of lemon! Fruit juices, coffee, soda are not allowed during the cleanse so try some different teas. Green and white tea are delicious and are highly recommended during the cleanse. Caffeine Free of Course!

DAYS SEVEN - TENVEGETABLES, FRUIT GRAINS, NUTS, SEEDS & PROTEINAll Vegetables are great - can be combined with grains All vegetables are great - can be combined with ProteinAll Fruits are great - remember to eat alone.Nuts and Seeds are eaten alone.Protein can be eaten alone or combined with vegetables only. ProteinProtein: No meat (beef, chicken, game etc.) No tofu, Fish is great, beans are great.Bean recommendations: black, aduki, cannellini, garbanzo, kidney, pinto edamame (fresh soybeans). You can not mix several beans together.Fish recommendations: cod, haddock, salmon, tilapia, trout & tunaProteins can’t be mixed - no beans with fish.

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Verve Spring Cleanse

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