[2015] Sophia Halasz (4th Gr. Room 109 2014-15): Vermont Skiing

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[2015] Sophia Halasz (4th Gr. Room 109 2014-15): Vermont Skiing

Did you know that some of the largest mountains in the East Coast are in Vermont? The tallest mountain in Vermont is 4,393 feet tall.That mountain is Mt. Mansfield. Vermont’s mountains run through the top and the bottom. If you look at a map of Vermont you see the long line of mountains. The smallest mountains are 1,000 feet tall. A lot of ski resorts are close to farms. There are so many mountains in Vermont that if you look on a map of Vermont it looks like crumpled up paper.


When you are in Vermont in the winter you will notice that it snows a lot! You can ski a lot because the snow falls in Fall. If you are in the southern part of Vermont the highest amount of snow will be about 85 inches. In the central part the high is around 120 inches. The northern part of Vermont the highest is 240 inches and it’s all good for skiing. Vermont has an expert on snowflakes. His name is Wilson A. Bentley. He takes pictures of snowflakes and studies them. He said that he found two alike.

Have you ever felt the excitement of gliding down a mountain in skis? If You are riding down a mountain, and you see beautiful layers of powdery snow you ski side to side and snow clouds spray across the mountain. You are probably in Vermont. Vermont is a beautiful snowy state full with mountains to ski on.

This is Mt. Mansfeild. It is the tallest mountain in Vermont. It is 4,393 feet.

On July 30, 1609 Samuel De Champlain founded Vermont. Vermont means green mountains in French. “Ver” means green and “mont” means mountains. The first ever Vermont ski trail was during the Great Depression. It was one of the first ski trails in the U.S.A. It was made on a farm by a man named Wallace “Bunny” Bertram.


Fun Facts

In Vermont outdoor activities are very popular like skiing.Three fourths of Vermont is mountains. The best skiing mountains are in the north east part of the state. Skiing helped Vermont’s popularity of people coming to the state.

Vermont is a a one of a kind state to go skiing! It’s not too far away...only six short hours by car from New Jersey. It’s always the right temperature… not that bone-chilling freeze, but instead the perfect temperature to zigzag your way down the mountain, spraying clouds of snow everywhere. As you drive through Vermont you pass by the beautiful snowy landscape. Now you know the next time you go skiing maybe you can go to Vermont.




Skiing in Vermont


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