[2012] Aliyah56: Vermont green mountain boys

by MrsTorrey
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Social Studies

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[2012] Aliyah56: Vermont green mountain boys


The Green Mountain Boys in Council.

The Green Mountain Boys

I, Ethan Allen, was chosen leader of the Green Mountain Boys.

The Vermont Revolutionary War song:Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys

This is the Vermont Green Mountain Boys' flag.

InfoThe Green Mountain Boys began in 1770 in the afternoon in Bennington, Vermont. They became the Green Mountain Boys because they had to stop sheriffs from terrorizing settlers, burning buildings, stealing cattle, and administating occasional flogging with birch rods. The Green Mountain Boys immediately joined the Revolutinary War on May 10, 1775, fewer than a hundred of them, under the joint command of not only Ethan Allen, but also Benidict Arnold who later on became the enemy. Together they captured Fort Ticonderoga. They helped the U.S. by pushing Canada back in the Revolutionary War. In 1777 the Green Mountain Boys took the field against General John Buroyne, playing central roles at the battlesof Habardton and Bennington. The latter action, destroyed part of Buroynes army when they were searching for supplies. The Green Mountain Boys continued to fight after Buroyne's eventual defeat. It was an internal war against "Yorkers." In 1781, Ethan Allen and the rest of the Green Mountain Boys disbanded their team. Thanks to them Vermont is now its own state.



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