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Vermicomposting Step By Step

WORMS AT WORK !!Turn your Garbage into Garden

Move the soil aside to bury a variety of "green" and "brown" foods for the worms to eat. Work in a circle around the edge of the bin, placing the food in a different place each time.

Use organic fertilizer free soil to form a layer of about 3 inches high. Do not press down. The soil must be loose.

Place the worms on the top of the bedding

Add about 3 or 4 inches of shreded or torn up paper to the bottom to form a bedding.

Line with a layer of cheese cloth to prevent the worm from escaping.

Start with a bin with holes drilled into the bottom for draining.

What are green & brown food ?Green foods aren't necessarily green in colour.They are called "green" because these foods are high in nitrogen, an essential ingredient for healthy plants. Worms eat these foods and as they digest the nitrogen is condensed. The worms then excrete nitrogen rich soil.

Turn Trash Into Cash !Vermicompsting has a low capital investment and this is a sustainable process.There is a ready market available for both the worms and the castings as the compost is organic, more nutritious and helps to produce more healthier plants .

Just like green foods, brown foods aren't brown in colour. Brown foods are woody materials that are high in carbon. These foods are needed to provide energy.

Composting requires an even mix of green and brown foods.


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