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Reading a letter

Regarded as the most imfluential Dutch artist of all time, there is little information on Vermeers early life.On his fathers death in 1652, Verneer inherited his businesses as an art merchant and tavern keeper.The following year Vermeer registered at the Delfl Guild. While it is unclear who Vermeer learnt from, influence by Caravaggio is evident in his work.

Girl with a pearl earing

Born on October 31, 1632, Delft, NetherlandsMarried Catherina Bolnes. Together they had 11 children. Vermeer died in Delfl December 16, 1675. There are approximately only 36 painting attributed to as Vermeers work,

Much of Vermeers work showcases domestic scenes. Demonstrating his extradionary ability to detail and fascination with light.


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