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A verb is a word that shows action or a state of being.

Verb tenses let us know when the action happens.Here are the 6 tenses you have to choose from:Present tense: I eat chocolate often.Past tense: I ate chocolate last night.Future tense: I will eat chocolate later today.Present Perfect Tense: I have eaten chocolate many times.Past Perfect Tense: I had eaten chocolate before you arrived.Future perfect tense: I will have eaten chocolate at least a million times by the year 2020.

VERBS by: Valerie Martinez

Action: run, swim, jump, leap, fall, dream

Your text here

State of Being: be, appear, seem, feel

She snapped some photos of the boats.Let's have lunch in the park.Our team won!Sarah sought a dentist for Sammy.

The baby waved bye-bye.Each of the children was given a present.The team bus leaves at four.A storm is coming.

See if you can identify the verbs in the following four sentences!



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