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Verbals OverviewAnnessa Smith


Verbal = verb forms that act as nouns, adjectives, and adverbs in a sentence3 Kinds of Verbals 1. Participles/Participial Phrases 2. Gerund/Gerund Phrases 3. Infinitives/Infinitive Phrases This is what you need to know!

Participles/Participial Phrases- Ends in -ing or -ed- Used as adjectives or main verbs in verb phrases- Example: The player has kicked the ball.- Example: The kicked ball soared.- Example: Running for the ball, a player slipped in the mud.

Gerunds and Gerund Phrases- Ends in -ing- Used as subjects, direct objects, or objects of prepositions- Example: Blocking requires strength.- Example: Kicking the ball takes skills.- Example: The athletes enjoy excercising.- Example: A team tries scoring a touchdown.- Example: They maintain endurance by running- Example: A touchdown results from moving the ball across the goal..

Infinitives and Infinitive Phrases- to + verb form or to + verb form + other words- Used as subjects and direct objects- Example: To referee requires training.- Example: To go to every game of the season is my dream.- Example: Athletes often try to argue.- Example: A player may try to influence the call.

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