Verbal Bullying

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Verbal Bullying

Verbal Bullying

Verbal Abuse: Verbal Abuse is the harassment of an individual based on negative comments and nicknames.

Side Effects often occur with addictive things like drugs, but there are also certain mental patterns that can be addictive without us even knowing about it. Here are some addictive side effects that come from being bullied.

Fat! Ugly! You're the stupidest person are alive.

Refusal to Talk

Feeling Excluded

Low Self-Esteem


Fear of Saying or Doing Something Wrong

Signs of Verbal Abuse: There's a difference between actual verbal abuse and simple expression of emotion (even if that expression is insensitive). It all depends on how much it affects you.

Repetetive behavior of all of these.

Overuse of sarcasm/insults

Use of negative adjectives:"Can you please pay attention for once?"

Racist/Discrimination: " people are so weird."

Verbal Exclusion: "I mean them, not you."

Sticks and Stones May break my Bones, but Words will Never Hurt me.We may think that being offended or upset by being called names is a choice, but it's so much more than that. From the point of view of the victim, there are several serious consequences that come from being bullied.



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