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Vera Williams

Florence Cane, author of "The Growth of a Child Through Art" used represented Vera in her book as a girl named Linda.She learned how to plant corn, church butter, and worked on the printing press while at Black Mountain College. While in Canada, she took a 500 mile trip on the Yukon River.Vera often protested, and one of her protests got her put into a federal penitentiary in Alderson, West Virginia for what she says was "an outcome of a women's peaceful blockade of the Pentagon".

"It’s a Gingerbread House: Bake It, Build It, Eat It!"(1978)-author"A Chair for my Mother"(1981)-author" A Chair for Always"(2009)-author & illustrated"Music, Music For Everyone"(1984)-author "'More, More', Said the Baby"(1990)-author & illustrator "Lucky Song"(1997)-author & illustrator"Amber was Brave, Essie was Smart"(2001)-author & illustrator"Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe"(1981)-author &illustrator

Vera Williams was born in Hollywood, California on January 28th 1927, however, her family moved to New York City when she was a child. As a child, she went to a Bronz House, which was a studio specifically for the arts, where she learned to dance, paint, and write. She attended Black Mountain College, where she learned more about the arts and general grafts that taught her how to be self-suffiecent. She graduated with a degree in graphic arts and she married Paul Williams, another student at Black Mountaint College. They lived at Gate Hill Cooperative for about 17 years where Vera began to be involved in politics and took her stance on women and childrens rights. Paul and Vera had 3 children during these 17 years, but they evenutally got a divorce. She then moved to Vancouver, Canada where she was a teacher and a baker.

VeraWilliams 1927-2015“The passion to teach, to share deeplyexperienced “lessons from life,” is embedded in all literature.” ― Vera B. Williams

1983: Boston Globe–Horn Book Award, Picture Book category, Caldecott Medal Honor Book "A Chair for My Mother"1985: Jane Addams Children's Book Award Honor Book, "Music, Music for Everyone"1991: Caldecott Honor, "More More More" Said the Baby"1994: Boston Globe–Horn Book Award, Fiction category, "Scooter"1998: Charlotte Zolotow Award, "Lucky Song"2002: Jane Addams Honor, "Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart"2009: NSK Neustadt Prize for Children's Literature



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Vera Williams illustrated her first book while she was living in Canada. This book is titled "Hooray For Me!" written by Remy Charlip and Lilian Moore in 1975. She wrote and illustrated her first book in 1978 titled "It's a Gingerbread House: Bake it, Build it, Eat it". Vera came from a family of immigrants just trying to get by. This is where she got most of her inspiration for her books. Most of her books star protagonists that "are ethnically diverse, typically urban, often immigrants and rarely well heeled; fathers may be absent"(Margalit Fox, NYT). Vera won many awards throughtout her lifetime and career as an author and illustrator including two Caldecott Honor Awards, two Jane Addams Honor awards, and many, many more. All of Vera's books were picture story books, however "Amber was Brave, Essie was Smart" is actually a book of poetry.

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