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Sulfuric Acid





The pressure of Venus is 90% greater than Earth's, and so, we would have to allow rainfall to release the extreme pressure.

Sulfuric acid is essentially water, with some parts of hydrogen and sulfur. In the sulfuric acid, we woulfd have dilluted enough to be able to make rainfall, releasing the pressure and thinning the clouds, and therfore pressure.

There is one process which we would be using to grow food, and that is aeroponic, or growing plants in the air. These palnts would suck in the carbon dioxide in the air and replace it with oxygen and nitrogen.

The temperatures of Venus are extreme and to release a great percentage of it, the first step is to clear the clouds. As we would have done so, the greenhouse-affect would be dissolved. This would also lower the temperatures.

The sulfuric acid in the atmosphere and clouds makes up the key to our travel and stay at Venus. The sulfuric acid is highly corrosive, yet it can be diluted using another highly poisonous liquid, lye. We can use a drip-irrigation system that would slowly allow the lye to leach into the atmosphere, and therefore start the first step to the process.

There are a few facts that we would like to put forth, and they are as such. The first fact is essential: Venus still possesses traces of it's original atmosphere. This means that the planet still has traces of water vapor, methane, and oxygen in the air, as well as a weak ozone layer. Venus' clouds also used to be made up of solely water vapor. This affects the air pockets around the planet, and the poles of the planet, particularily the north pole, has a oddly shaped pocket of cool air in which spacecrafts can safely float. This means that the astronauts would be safe as they began work on the planet. As another plus, the chemical composition and density of Venus resembles Earth's density and composition very closely. These facts together prove that astronauts can safely travel to Venus in protective suits and advanced ships.

The surface is rocky and peppered wth volcanoes, lava flow, and basalt soil. The basalt, a volcanic rock is extremely fertile, and perfect for growing plants in. We would plant the aeroponically grown saplings or plants in the ground after the conditions are proper.

The astronauts must go in special suits covered in either microorganisms from the planet or boron nitride. This would prevent the astronauts from being hurt by the extreme temperatures. The microorganisms would be of Venus, and as they can survive the temperatures in the clouds, thye would be able to resist the atmosphere below, which would then be in similar conditions.

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