Venus Flytraps

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Venus Flytraps

What they eatVenus Flytraps eat intresting things. They eat insects and archnids. They eat insects because they get a good deal of there nutrients like most plants do. Some of the insects they eat are spiders, flies, catipillers, and crickets. They also eat slugs.

Where they liveVenus Flytraps need specific things to survive. They can growin a couple of states in North America. They live in acid-rich soils. Venus Flytraps thrive for humid air and moist soil, but they can't live in standing water. They can be cultivated at home in a substrate of 65% of sphagnummoss and 35% sand. Where do Venus Flytraps How stuff What is the life cycle for carnivourous How does a Venus Flytrap digest fles

Whats a Venus Flytraps life cycle?First its seeds needs to germinate. Next it will grow a little maturity. For some plants it takes less than a year tol grow. They take 2-4 years to grow. A flower is pollinated by insects. When it's pollinated they drop seeds you can repeat your steps and start over.

How do Venus Flytraps attack?Venus Fltraps lure their food in with sweet smelling nectar. Then they attack. They absorb their prey. Since their a plant they can make their own food by digested food. They just vommit their food back up.


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