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Venetian Flag

Kyle Libonate

Italian: VenetoEnglish: Venetian

Venice on Italys map

Venetian avg. Temperatures

St. Marks Basilica

Spider-Crab (Venetian delicacy)

Venetian man-made mask

The Festival of Saint Anthony

Venice flight plan

What we're doing in VeniceDay 1- Settling in at hotel, City tour and gondola ride, and eating at Antico FornoDay 2- Exploring the city, and the Peggy Gugenheim collectionDay 3- St. Marks Basilica, and enjoying the beachDay 4- A tour of Doge's Palace, and an orchestral concertDay 5- Wandering around the city and a Legends & Ghosts Walking tourDay 6- Eating at Osteria TrefantiDay 7- Flying

Budget-$ 2,298.64


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