Venice, Italy

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Venice, Italy

Venice, ItalyBy: Lorena Ventura 2A

Religion~The population of Venice was mostly Orthodox Roman Catholics, but they were tolerant to other reigions that includes Jews and Muslims.~Islam spread to Venice due to trade but they are welcomed.~Venice is the home to many cathedrals and churches.~The most popular is St. Marks Basilica, a gorgeous Roman Catholic Church that shows teh mixture of Italian and Byzantine architecture.


Primary Source Document"The Travels of Marco Polo" is a priamary document written by Marco Polo and Rustichello da Pisa published in 1298 about Marco leaving his home, Venice, Italy, and his observations as he explored the Eastern world.


~The city of Venice is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and has acess to many canals. Due to this, most of their trade is maritime trade.~45.4375° N, 12.3358° E~The Venetian Lagoon is one of the most important environmental factors of Venice because it provides an abundance of fish and allowed maritime trade to increase.


~Venice has become a powerful trading city because of the textile industry that has connected the Western World with the East.~ Even before the Renaissance, Venice has traded with the Islamic World to get ahold of spices in exchange for high quality wool.~Other goods that are being traded are: salt, linen, velvet, amber, coral, fine cloth and slaves.~In return Venice recevies silk, carpets, ceramics, pearls, precious metals and spices.~A product unique to Venice, Italy is Venetian glass created from the sand on Veneice's beaches.

Arts & Technology

~The gondola was created in Venice to navigate the narrow canals of the city.~It's the most common type of transportation that allows you to view the beatiful scenery.~ It's handmade using eight different types of wood.~The 4 Bronze Horses were brought to St. Marks Basilica in Venice in 1204 at the end of the fourth crusade.~There are more than 85,000 square feet of mosaic in the St. Marks Basilica.

The Venice government is based off feaudalism which is a political, economic,and social system based on loyalty, the ownership of land, and military service

~Venice was influenced by the Crusadades because Pope Urban II was located in Rome, Italy when he called Christiams to fight for the Holy Land. ~This resulted in the encouragemnet of trade with Muslim merchants and an increase in European demand for Asian goods.~Overall, the quest for Jerusalem was a failure but Italian merchant greatly profited.~The trading partners of Venice, Italy are Egypt, syria, Southeast Asia, Iran and China.



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