Venice Carnival

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Venice Carnival

The Angel's Flight is an unmissable event at Venice Carnival. A beautiful girl called Colombina flies from the top of Saint Mark's Tower Bell to the centre of the square!

Venice Carnival is a MUST! Enjoy its cheerful atmosphere, its beautiful costumes and floats and have fun in one of the most beatiful cities in the world! Did you know that in Italy Carnival is connected to the Catholic religion? The last day of Carnival is called Martedì Grasso (Fat Tuesday). The Day after, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of Lent, forty days before Easter.


A traditional Venetian costume

TRADITIONSDuring Carnival parades people throw confetti, which are small pieces of coloured paper. Italians call them "coriandoli". In Italian "confetti" are almonds with a sugar coating! We give them out at weddings, baptisms or graduations and wrap them in a small tulle bag.

The island of Venice from above

Tourists gather at St. Mark's Squareto enjoy the true spirit of Carnival!

HISTORYThe Carnival in Venice began in 1296. After six centuries of big celebrations, Carnival was abolished in 1797, when the Republic of Venice lost its independence. Venice Carnival was reintroduced only in 1979!

SHOWS AND THEATRESSHOWS Your experience at Venice Carnival won't be complete if you miss a Carnival play! Arlecchino and Pantalone will make you laugh! Do you know "La Fenice"? It's one of the most famous theatres in Venice, but it's very expensive!


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