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The capital of Venezuela is Caracas, and the population is 30,592,000.Some of the important cities of Venezuelaare Valencia and Barquisimento.The borders of Venezuela are Colombia,Guyana, and Brazil, and it is on the Caribbean Sea.

The Venezuelan flag is yellow, blue and red. The eight stars represent the eight provinences, and the Venezuelan coat of arms is in the top left corner.


1. Venezuela wasthe site of the first Spanish settlement in South America.2. North - most populated, including capital Caracas. Center - vast plains called the Llanos. South - high plateus and low mountains.3. The Orinoco River is the 3rd longest in South America and is 1,281 miles long.4. The climate is hot, but cooler in the mountains.5. Venezuela is one of the world's leading producers and exporters of petroleum.

1. Christopher Columbus landed in Venezuela in 1498. It was his first landing on the mainland of the Americas.2.Venezuela was the first Spanish colony in South America to demand independance; which they won in 1821. Simon Bolivar, now a national hero, led the effort for independence. They call him "The Great Liberator".3. Venezuela was famous for it's cocoa production in the early years. Now petroleum is its biggest industry.



1. Most people live in cities and towns and nearly all speak Spanish.2. Most people are descendants of Europeans, American Indians and Africans.3. 96% of people are Roman Catholic.4. Being neat, clean and properly groomed is very important to Venezuelans. They wear traditional clothing with French and Italian styles. 5. Venezuelans enjoy music and dancing. Dances like the salsa, merengue and guaracha are popular, also the national folk dance called the joropo. This is a stamping dance.6. Two major holidays in Venezuela are Independence Day on July 5 and Simon Bolivar's Birthday on July 24. They also celebrate many religious holidays too.

1. Instead of bread Venezuelans eat arepas, which are fried or baked corn or wheat pancakes, often filled with meat, eggs, or cheese.2. In a regular day they could also eat...cachapas (sweet corn pancakes usually filled with cheese), tequenos (fried dough combined with cheese), empanadas (hearty cheese- filled pastries), and pan de jamon (long bread filled with ham, olives, and raisins).

1. The two most popular sports are baseball and soccer.2. People also enjoy water sports like waterskiing, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and fishing.


1. Most Venezuelans own a TV. The most popular programs include soap operas and beauty pagents.2. The highest water fall in the world, Angel Falls, is in south west Venezuala. It is 807 meters high.3. An ice cream shop in the city of Merida in the Andes holds the world record for the most ice cream flavors. The 641 flavors include trout, garlic and black bean.4. Venezuelan families like to eat out. This may be why Caracas has more restaurants per person than any other South American city.5. When a child loses a tooth in Venezuela they put it under their pillow and it is taken by a mouse, who leaves coins.6. It is a tradition in some parts of Venezuela to steal the Christ Child from a nativity scene. When the Christ Child is found again, there is a celebration marking his return.7. Lake Maracaibo in western Venezuela is the largest lake in South America.

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