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Social Studies

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The background is the world's highest waterfall located in Bolivar State, Venezuela. It stands up to be 979 meters and is one of Venezuela's top tourist attractions. It is called Angel Falls.

Caracas, Venezuela is the capital of the country. It is a highly urbanized city with plenty of cultural activities, world class musems, and has tasty cuisine. It is also a party hub and a place of extreme shopping for the inhabitants and the tourists.

This carnival, El Callao, is the best and most popular of the festivals. It is celebrated with music and festivity. It is celebrated for 4 days and Venezuela is lit up with lights.

This is a popular Venezuelan song is performed by Soledad Bravo, a popular Venezuelan singer.

Simon Bolivar was a South Amercian soldier who played a big role in the revolutions against the Spanish Empire. He is famous due to him unifying most of South America and he later on became dictator over South America. He later on abdicated for exile in Europe and died shortly afterwards.

This audio video shows the beauty and the culture of the breathtaking country of Venezuela.