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Social Studies

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In this video, you will see the beautiful Angel Falls, located inCanaima National Park in Venezuela. At 3,212 feet, it is the tallest waterfall in the world.

Fast Facts 1. The capital of Venezuela is Caracas, located in the northern part of the country2. Every 53.3 seconds, a baby is born in Venezuela3. The religion in Venezuela with the most followers is Roman Catholicism, which has 96% of the population practicing it


One of the beautiful beaches located here.

An example of Venezuela's amazing wildlife

The nationalities of Venezuela's population is very diverse, including American Indians, Spanish, Africans, Italians, Portugese, Arabs, Germans, Moroccans, and indigeonus people.

A map of the country

The Venezuelan flag

Did you know?A recent study shows that Venezuela is the happiest country in the world, with 55% of surveyed people answering that they are "Very Happy"

Beauty pageants are very popular in Venezuela, and the country currently has earned 7 Miss Universes, 6 Miss Worlds, 6 Miss Internationals, and 1 Miss Earth titles.

The food in Venezuela is sure to make your mouth water- just hearing Pasticho Venezolano (creamy lasagna) and Italian pasta Arepa sandwich is enough to make you hungry.

The food in this photo are called arepas, empanadas, guasacaca,and tequinos.


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