Vendy Davis vs. Greg Abbott

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Vendy Davis vs. Greg Abbott

Wendy Davis vs Greg Abbott:

With about half of Texans disapproving of President Obama, Greg Abbott launched his first attack ad against Davis.

Twitter was a tool that was often utilized by both campaign teams, as well as by Texans who wanted to voice their opinion on the race. Before the race even began, Davis gained headway by becoming famous on Twitter for her 13-hour filibuster on abortion. She later, however, was attacked on the very same website for "lying about her life story" and had a "Twitter Meltdown" as a result.

Wendy Davis launched this contoversial attack ad against Greg Abbott; however, the public's resoponse to that ad was less than favorable, due to the fact that it made a slight allusion to Abbott's handicap. This ad certainly did not help Davis's campign for governor, and is one example of how technology hurt her, rather than helped her. For more information on this ad, read this Huffington Post article written shortly after the ad was aired. It presents views from both the Abbott campaign and the Davis campaign.

Abbott utilized the theaters to reach viewers by hitting the silver screen; those that flocked to theaters viewed a pro-Abbott ad before their movie began.

This past year's 2014 Texas Gubernatorial Race really heated up between Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis. Beliefs were challenged, stories were questioned, and, ultimately, Abbott emerged as the victor in the race. However, the 2014 Texas Gubernatorial Race wouldn't have been complete without one key aspect; technology. With masses of uninformed voters, it is clear to see how different forms of technology impact the outcome of a race. Attack ads spew rhetoric (that isn't always true), Twitter feeds are filled with both adoration and hatred, and verbal grenades are launched from both sides of the aisle. All in all, it is clear to see that technology has a major impact on a race's outcome.

Click to go to Wendy Davis's Twitter:

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Wendy Davis stood as a canidate for women's rights in this race, and depicted Greg Abbott as an anti-feminist canidate when she launched this commercial that stated that he sided against a rape victim.

Davis utilized the power of the internet to spread her incredible life story. Though she was later challenged on some of the aspects of her story, her message was clear. Click on the image above to learn more about Wendy Davis's story.

Greg Abbott also chose to share his life story via the internet when he launched this commercial that talked about a part of his recooperation process after the accident that left him paralyzed.


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