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To keep this a happy and safe place for everyone, here are some basic guidelines we discussed in class...1. Keep your password secret. There is no point having one if everyone knows it! They are there to protect you. Do not change your username or password. We will know if you have!2. Do not provide personal information about yourself or anyone else, such as telephone numbers, home address etc. It is hard to understand people's emotions on here, therefore, to make sure you do not upset anyone no private information or names are to be used. Remember we are all here to have fun!3. This is a public classroom. Therefore, anything you wouldn't say at school, write at school, or show at school does not belong on here.4. Even private messages can be read. Don't use abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, threatening or sexually-explicit language. Please do not use language that is culturally insensitive, offensive to others on racial, ethnic, religious or other grounds.There is zero tolerance to any conversations of other people or inappropriate language.5. Under no circumstances can you edit someone else's page. • Any breach of these rules will see your wikispace account suspended. This means you can no longer view or add to this space. Click on the links on the right to access the various pages.

Welcome to the VCE Psychology Wiki for Units 1 &2



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