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vatican council two

Vatican Council Two

Achievments 1.) Renewing the liturgy2.)Putting greater emphasis on the liturgy3.)Laypeople became equal members4.)Reinstating the baptismal catechumenate5.)Restoring ministry of peremenant deacons 6.)Rethinking the concept of authority7.)Encourgaing collegiality of the church8.)Acknowledging God's prescence outside of the church9.)Upholding the right to relgious liberty 10.)Accepting the world

21st Council began on October 11,1962 and ended on December 8,1965

Why it was called?The Church needed to make the message of faith more relevant to people in the 20th century. Catholics needed to renew the life of the church, reform structures that needed updating, and discover ways of promoting unity among Christians.

The new liturgy is still used today and has a great emphasis during church services. Although we go to mass many people still do not acknowledge God's prescence outside of the church.


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