Vasco Nunez De Balboa

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Vasco Nunez De Balboa

Vasco Nunez De Balboa

I was born in Spain in 1475 and was a European farmer early in my life. One day, I came upon a man named Ponce De Leon and he gave me a dog named Leoncico. After time passed, I became a soldier. Once, I ran to a ship, but it was heavily guarded so I hid in a barrel and was carried on board. When they unloaded the barrel, the captain was Ponce De Leon and he let me sail with them.

What I was looking for...

What I found...

I explored the Pacific Ocean and was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean and claim it for Spain. While I was exploring, I found a jungle full of crocodiles, anacondas, jaguars, and scorpions. I found a tribe of Indians living in the jungle and I married the chief's daughter. I was then unfairly charged for treason in Panama and was executed in 1519.


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My Early Life

A Little Bit Of My Life

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My Exploration Routes

I was living in Hispanola raising pigs. After a while, it got boring. I loved to explore so I asked King Ferdinand to sponsor an expedition to find gold.

I left Spain in 1513 at the age of 38. In 1519, I was unfairly charged for treason and was beheaded.


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