[2015] Christine Yu: Vasco de Gama

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[2015] Christine Yu: Vasco de Gama

The sponsoring country for Vasco's expedition was Portugal.

Vasco Da Gama was born around 1460 in Sines, Portugal. He died the same year King John lll named Portuguese viceroy in India.People think it is caused by people over working himself.

Birth and Death date

Vasco Da Gama was on a mission to reach India and open a sea route from Europe to the East.

Vasco discoverd the Cape of Good Hope and he rounded it up

A map of Vasco's sea travel

Vasco was born in Sines in 1460

In 1498 Vasco began to set sail back

In 1499 he returned to Libson greeted as a hero

In 1503 Vasco Da Gama finally he returned to Portugal

In 1497 Vasco led an expedition to find India

Vasco da Gama

2 interesting facts.1.Vasco Da Gama joined the navy when he was old enough.2.Vasco's journey covered nearly 24,000 miles in about two years also only 54 out of the original170 survived.

Vasco dies in 1524.

3 interesting facts3.Vasco was chosen to lead the expedition in 1497.4.When Vasco's crew reached India Cabral's crew killed 600 men.5. Vasco died in Cochin and his body was sailed back to Portugal


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