[2015] Priyam Baruah: Vasco de Gama

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[2015] Priyam Baruah: Vasco de Gama

His GoalVasco De Gama's goal was to find a different sea route to Asia by sailing around Africa.

Intresting Facts -In 1488, Vasco De Gama discovered land (during one of his voyages) and called it Natal.- Vasco De Gama was the first European to sail to India by going around Africa. - His ships were San Gabriel, the Sao Rafael, and the Berrio.- Vasco De Gama reached India on May 20th 1498. - Vasco De Gama reached India in less than a month.

BackgroundVasco De Gama was born in the year of 1460. He was born in Portugal. In the year of 1520, Vasco died because of a disease.

Vasco De Gama

DiscoveryVasco De Gama discovered a direct sea route from Europe to Asia. His discovery was imporant because the route to India around Africa allowed the Portuguese to create a colonial empire in Asia.

1497Vasco De Gama set sailed to India. Place: In the middle of the ocean.

1498 Vasco De Gama lands on the east coast of Africa.Place: east coast of Africa

1492Vasco De Gama decides he wants to be a sailor. Place: Portugal

Vasco De Gama's sponsers A king named Manuel sponsered Vasco De Gama to go on his expedition.

Vasco De Gama's routes

1524Vasco De Gama dies. Place: India

1460Vasco De Gama is born. Place: Portugal


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