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Vasco da Gama

My name is Vasco da gama. I am a portugeuse explorer and was born at 1460 in portugal.I loved the see and wanted to sail even though my family were soldiers. I sailed many fishing boats at an early age and I soon learned how to navigate. I became an expert well known sailer. I died at December 24 ,1524 in india because of an illnesss. My body was brout back to Portugal.

My Life

I persuaded the natives of india to trade but they did not and they kicked me out of india.I came back for revenge using 20 well armored ships. I did heavy damage to their city, killed hundreds of their people and got back million doller worth spices and other goods.

I was a portugeuse expolrer, and spain financed my voyages from portugal to india. During my voyage we stopped at Mozambiqui. We also stoped at Mombasa and Malinda which are now both part of Kenya. We then finnaly stopped at india.

What I found ...

In 1497 King Manual chose me to lead a Portuguese fleet to India. I was sponsered by portugal and lead 4 ships. I wanted to go because I loved the sea. I went to look for a Sea route from Portugal to India, get the spices Asians had and spread christanity.


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