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Vasco da Gama

Status Update1. People believed that Asia could be reached by sailing westward across the Atlantic. While some argued that the better route to take was through the North Pole that would take mariners to the Indies. Others disagreed and stated the best route would be around the cape of Africa.2.Since the early fifteenth century, Venice controlled much trade between Europe and Asia3.On July fourth, 1497, da Gama left Libson with a crew of 170 men and a fleet of four ships. The expedition followed the route taken by the earlier explorers along the coast of Africa via the Cape Verde Islands.

Wall Posts1.King Manuel- I just was in charge of three successful expeditions, greatly boosting the economy.2.King Manuel-I am the father and grandfather of two other very successful kings.3.King Manuel-I was in charge of just building a ton of monasteries for the redligious people of Portugal.

About MeHello my name is Vasco da Gama and was born c1460 in Portugal. However, my name was changed to Dom Vasco for my great success of bringing fine soaps and spices from Portugal to India. No one had ever accomplished this before me. I followed my father’s footsteps in the sailing industry. I was admired and honored by my family, the people of Portugal, and even the king of Portugal. I made many long journeys from Portugal, around the cape of Africa, to India where I successfully negotiated with the leader of India.

BlogHey fellow bloggers! It’s your favorite sailor, Vasco. So your not going to believe what I just did. I just convinced the leader of India to trade spices and soaps with our country. I brought like a million dollars worth of gold too! I’m so excited right now. Anyways, I will be uploading weekly, so check out my page! -Vasco

If I Could Meet...1. I would have like to met my grandchildren. I never got the chance to do so because I was never home. By the time I could meet them, I had died while traveling.2.I also wish I could have met King Manuel’ parents. Manuel was so good to me and was a great friend. We accomplished so much as partners. We go to down together in history together so I would have loved to meet his partents.

InterestsMusic: My favorite song is called sail. Its is a dubstep song that my favorite thing, sailing. Its super cool, you should download it.Movies: Titanic- I know what its like to be on a ship, and it’s not always easy. This is why my favorite movie is titanic. I can connect to it while others can’t.Television Shows: My favorite T.V. show is SpongeBob. I think it is hilarious. However, I would not want to end up at the bottom of the sea.Books:My favorite book is Life of Pi. It is the story of how a man survived at sea. I learned some interesting fats in this book.

Friends and Enemies I am friends with King Manuel. This is because I worked for him as a sailor and brought back great wealth for him. He even let me change my name to Dom Vasco. Enemies: For a short period of time I was enemies with the leader of India. This is because he would not accept the trade I had offered him. This got me frustrate. However, we evntually made up.

Vasco da Gama

If I Were Alive TodayFriends: If i were still alive today, I would be friends with the founder of the company Unilever. They own the product axe and I deliver soaps so we would work together.Enemies: My enemy in today’s world would be William Schultz. He is the owner of Old Spice. He would be my rival buisness man because he competes with our sales.

My Groups1.Portugal hall of fame-Only a few people are selected. This year’s winner is Cristiano Ronaldo.2. Axe nation-The finest way to smell like a man.3. Portugal yacht club-Own a boat and receive a membership to the luxurious Portugal Yacht club.

SponsoredAxe body Wash and Shampoo and Tabasco Hot Sauce- In the late 1400’s and early 1500’s I brought different soaps and spices to India from Portugal. I was the first person to travel on ship to India from Europe.

News Update1. I just got back from my second trip from India. I can finally spend some time with my seven children and beautiful wife.2. I just had a ceremony held in my name for my great success as a sailor. King Manuel let me change my name to a mighty Dom Vasco. 3.I hope my sons follow in my footsteps as I did to my father. It would honor me if you did so before I die.


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