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Vasco da gama


This is the route that Da Gama had found and taken from Portugal to India many times.

Vasco Da Gama was born around 1460 in Sines, Portugal. He died in 1524 after falling very ill.

This is the ship, Sao Gabriel, That Vasco Da Gama took on his voyeges.

This is a video that is a short entry about Vasco Da Gamas life and his voyeges.

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Vasco Da Gama was born around 1460 in Sines, Portagul. Little was known about Da Gama's early life. As a youth, Da Gama learned how to sail and knew enough mathmatics to be a navigator. He first sailed after the king sent him into battle to fight the French ships that were robbing the Portugeese ships. When the Portugese where becoming a major sea power, Prince Henry the Navigator sent him on a voyage to find a sea route around Africa to Asia by water insted of land. His plan was to trade with other countries and to spread Christianity to the Middle East. On his first Voyage he left Portugal with four ships and 170 men in July 1497. He went around the far coast of Africa. In November he finally rounded the Cape of Good Hope (Dias Discovered). Da Gama continued up the East coast of Africa and stoped at at the cites of Mozambique, Mombassa, and Malindi which where major muslim ports. His anger led him to bombard a port and made muslims reveal imformation. He left the East coast and headed for India and landed in the West coast, called the Malabar Coast, in May of 1498. Da Gama met with the ruler of the Calicut city. The rulers were controlled by Muslims and Da Gama was not warmly welcomed into the city. The leaders thought that the gifts that they brought were cheap and worthless. In August of 1498 he left the city with only a sample of spices and gems. His trip back was hard. More than half of the crew fell ill and died before they reached land. Among the dead was Da Gama's brother Paulo who died the day before they reached Portugal in September of 1499. When he arived home he was welcomed as a hero. His second voyage took him back to India with 20 ships. He fought many battles and in one he captured a ship of 300 people and burned it killing everyone inside. After he murderd 38 Indian fihsermen to show his power. He headed home in Febuary of 1503 and arived in Portugal in October. After a long break of 20 years he set sail again for India. His third and final voyage took him back to India in 1524. He left for the Portuguese trade business in April of 1524 with 14 ships, he landed in India in September. Vasco Da Gama became ill and died in December of 1524 around the age of 64. HIS LEGACY: Vasco Da Gama was remembered as the explore who helped Portugal become a trade power. Although his tactics were often barbaric and cruel, he was considered a hero to the Portuguese people. I think my explorer should be in the Exploer's Hall of Fame because he helped Portugal become a world tradeing power.


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