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Vasco Balboa

Vasco Nuez De Balboa

What I Found

When I went to the new world in 1500 I was looking for gold. When I got back from the new world it was 1510, I left for my trip to Spain in 1501. When I heard about Damien, Panama from other people I went there. For all of the voyages I went on I was hungry for gold. For all of I trips spain paid for me and gave me resources.



I was born in Jerez De Los Caballeros, Spain the year was 1475. When I was young I had 3 brothers, there names were Alvar, Gonzalo, Juan. In addition, my dad's name was Nuno Arias De Balboa. Also when I was a nobelman and I was rich and important, but in 1475 my family lost all of our money. But as I got older I started to work as a page. When I worked as a page a person named Peter Martyr told me "I was a master when I used a sword." When I was a soilder I sailed all over the place. When Iwas on one of my trips he met an indian person with a daughter named Anayansia, eventually I married the indian man's daughter.

Early Life

When I was exploring he found the pacific ocean, I was the first Eurapean to find the pacific ocean. He had 190 spanirds and indians. He called the pacific ocean the south sea, I also claimed it for Spain. I and my men found the islands of Hispaniola. Also, in 1511 Ifound the new settlement in South America, in what is today the country columbia. When I was exploring Panama he found crocidiles, anacondas, scorpians, and jaguars. When I was over sea I saw that there were leaks on my boat from sea worms. So I went to an island and repaired my ship's before I went back over sea. The good thing is that when I was on his voyages I found riches. Unfortuanlly for me fellow conquistador Fransisco Pizzaro arrested me and he was excuted me in 1519, I died at the age of 44.

My Exploration Route

Did you know that I found Panama which had an impact on maps. I also built a settlement in Chimas Villiage with my sailors. I was nice so I traded with the nativives for gold and shared wealth equally with them. I fought more battles against local indians, and stole their gold, before returning eastward across Panama. I impacted maps by being the first European to find the pacific ocean. I had 190 spaniards, and indians to help me. I called it the great south sea. I claimed it for spain. In adition, to escape Hispianola in 1510 I owed a great deal of money, I stowed away on a ship carrying Martin de Encisco's relief force to the central American coast, where the spanish settlement of San Sabastian was struggling to survive.


Learn More About Me


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My Dates Of Exploration

1500-1510I reached the new world1501-?I left for Spain1510-1511I found a settlement in South America1474-1519 I reached Dairen Panama1511-1513 I reached the Pacific Ocean


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