Variola Virus

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Variola Virus

Variola Virus

Signs and Symtoms


Is highly contagious and most of the time is transferred through face-to-face contact while inhaling droplets of infected saliva. Can also spread through contaminated objects an infected person has been in contact with including bed spread and their clothing.


Avoid contact with infected peopleTake extra precautions when caring for someone infected and get the vaccine if you are at high risk of contraction


Humans are the only natural hosts of the virus. Variola is not known to be transferred by insects or animals


Variola is the only virus to be completely eradicated from the earth so treatment should not be necessary. The vaccine is still available to those who are at high risk.There is no current treatment of smallpox however there a few drugs that do help including cidofovir.


Number of Cases in Canada Anually: 0 variola has been eradicatedNumber of Deaths in Canada Aunally: 0 variola has been eradicatedIncubation Period: 7 - 17 daysInfectious Period: The most infectious period is during the first week of illness, although a person with smallpox is still infectious until the last scabs fall off.

How we conquered it

First observable symptoms are flu-like and occur 12 days after contraction they include- Fever, overall discomfort, headache, severe fatigue, severe back pain, and sometimes vomiting and diarrheaA few days later flat, red spots appear first on your face, hands and forearms, and later on your trunk.Later these lesions turn into small blisters filled clear fluidScabs form 8-9 days later and eventually fall off leaving deep scars


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