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FUN FACTS: largest porpoise; most endangered, smallest, ' rarest cetaceans; in Spainish vaquita means "Little Cow"; some people claim that vaquitas aren't real; so rare few actual pictures; in the last 3 years half of their population has been killed; discovered in 1950;

Threats-water flow to Colorado River ' water pollution; Main Threat-fishing supplies/materials (nets, lines, etc.)

What It Looks Like-small porpoiserounded black nosegray/white patternsblack rings around eyesthin, black line from mouth to pectoral fin

Location- The Gulf of California, Mexico; Vaquita restricted to northern area of gulf

In the wild (seq) there are less than 100 vaquita left! Two organizations out there trying to help are WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and STW (Save the Whales).

Population- less than 100 Habitat- open sea; murkey, shallow waters; bays; straits;Scientists say that vaquita will be extinct by 2018

WWF is trying to pass a law to stop fishing in that area. And STW might be doing the same.


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