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HabitatVaquitas live in theGulf of California,Mexico

What they eatVaquitas eat lots of typesof oceans fish.For example,Gulf croaker,Bronze-Striped Grunts and some Squid.

How can we help them?I think we can help them by either stop gillnetting for good orif we do, do gillnetting then we could letthe big fish go back in the ocean/sea.Ifwe do one of those sulutions then we willget more Viquitas because of babies andthey won't be endangered anymore

Did you know thatthere are only 300Vaquitas left in theworld!

Why are they endandered?They are endangered because of gillnetting. If you don't know what gillnetting is, it's a type of fishing. It is when fishermenput a giant net in the water. The little fish swimthrough the holes and the big fish swim throughthe net and then they get their gills stuck in the net. The fishermen keep the fish they want and get rid of the big fish (Vaquita). But how they get rid of the fish is by killing them.

Speacial featuresVaquitas are very small.They areabout the size of an adults arm.If theyare the size of an adults arm that means they are an adult. If they are the size of a preteens arm that means they are a baby.Vaquitas have 2 main colours.Their main colours are gray and very lightblue. Around there eyes there is a black spot, soit looks like 2 big black dots. Vaquitas have been endangered since the 1940s. Thats a very long time, over 70 years!. Vaquitas are the most endangered mammals.


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