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DescriptionThe City of Vancouver is named after George Vancouver, he was the first European who explored the inner harbour of Burrard Inlet in 1792. Vancouver is located on the mainland of British Columbia which is on the west.Vancouver is near the Pacific Ocean. The estimated population of Vancouver in 2015 was 610,000, which makes it the 8th largest city in Canada.Vancouver’s area is 114.94 km. In 2010 Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics,February 12 to 28.

TransportationThe City works together to build a transporation system that supports people and the environment. Also to build and maintain a system that moves people and goods through the city and region. Vancouver is responsible for building the roads, sidewalks and public spaces, managing how city streets are used, and creating land use and urban design policies.

Parks and RecreationThe commitment brings sports and recreational programs, social and cultural activities, educational programming, and special events to the people through Vancouver and cultural centres, pools, rinks, golf courses, and especially parks.Vancouver has up to 300 City-run parks, beaches, and gardens.

Services the City Offers- Snow removal- Garbage- Health care- House Cleaning Services- Library

Fun Facts!1.Vancouver is the warmest city in Canada with only 11 days of snow per year. The winters are kept mild by being close to the Pacific Ocean. 2.Vancouver is home to the fourth largest cruise ship port in the world. From April to October, you will find a lot of cruising ships that are headed to Alaska.

BylawsHere are one of the City of Vancouver bylaw that people request the most:1. The graffiti bylaw requires property owners to have graffiti removed within 10 days of being served a notice from the City.

Mayor of VancouverThe mayor of Vancouver is Gregor Robertson.In November 2014, Gregor Robertson was elected to a third term as Mayor of Vancouver.

Safety and Security Some safety and security services are the V.P.D which stands for the vancouver police department. Fire and Rescue Services operates through 20 fire halls around Vancouver (V.F.R.S).Vancouver helps the common good by making sure the city is safe, and proctects the city from all crimes.

WeatherVancouver has a moderate, oceanic climate. Protected by the mountains and warmed by the Pacific ocean currents. Vancouver is one of the warmest cities in Canada. Although, Vancouver has a reputation for rain.They have the mildest climate in Canada. Vancouver receives on average, 1,589mm of rain per year.


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