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Chemical Elements

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“V” stands for Vanadium“V” stands for VanadiumIt comes from “Vanadis”Del RioMade it in MexicoIn 1801,It had won A place in the periodic tableBecause it’s stableIts silver-grey colorGives it a metallic lusterIt’s solid at two hundred ninety eightWhile fifty one is its weightIts strength and neutron cross sectionMakes it useful in nuclear applicationIts use in tools Can make a jewel cool It’s used in ceramics As well as fabricsMixed with pentoxidesIt abidesYou will see It sets hydrogen free Its Rust resistant springs And hard steel ringsMake vanadium just the right thing

Vanadium is essential to some species, including humans, although we require very little - less than the 0.04 milligrams, which we take in each day. In some compounds vanadium can become toxic.


Vanadium was discovered for the first time in 1801 by Andrés Manuel del Rio who was Professor of Mineralogy in Mexico City. He found it in a specimen of vanadite, Pb5(VO4)3Cl and sent a sample to Paris.

Produces rust resistant springs and steels used for making tools

aluminum foil is used as a bonding agent in binding titanium to steel


Vanadium is a mineral. It was named for the Norse goddess of beauty, Vanadis, because of its beautiful colors. Vanadium supplements are used in medicine. Vanadium is used for treating diabetes, low blood sugar, high cholesterol, heart disease, tuberculosis, syphilis, a form of “tired blood” (anemia), and water retention (edema); for improving athletic performance in weight training; and for preventing cancer

Protons= 23Neutrons=28Electrons=23

By: Hope Johnston

Emeralds have trace amounts of vanadium within them


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