Valley of the Sunflowers

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Valley of the Sunflowers

What is Valley of the Sunflowers and how was this project inspired?Valley of the Sunflowers is a vacant two-acre city block in downtown Phoenix that was transformed into a field of golden sunflowers. A local artist from Roosevelt Row CDC was inspired by the community garden and seeing the vacant had an idea. Community members and students and families of Bioscience High School got involved with the project as well hoping for a change in their area.When did Valley of the Sunflowers begin?In Fall 2011 community members along side high schoolers from Bioscience High School broke ground and began tilling and preparing the land to plant more than 600,000 sunflower seeds. Who made this project possible?Sponsers that helped make the first growing season possible include Phoenix Union Bioscience High School, Intel Foundation and Corporation, and Roosevelt Row CDC. There were a number of new contributors involved in the second growing season, including the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University.How can I learn more about the Valley of the Sunflowers?Visiting the following links will provide you with more information regarding this remarkable project and the positive impact it has made on the community:


Valley of the

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How can planting sunflowers benefit me and my community?


-Reduces urban blight by temporarily beautifying a vacant lot-Provides biofuel for a local high school and its vehicles by utilizing sunflower oil-Creates a memorable educational experience for local students and their community-Serves as a catalyst for sustainable energy and transportation in Phoenix and the surrounding areas-Brings inspiration and excitement to downtown


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