Valley Forge

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Valley Forge

Valley Forge


During the harsh winter of 1777-1778, George Washington and his Continental army resided in Valley Forge. They faced many hardships including a lack of sufficient supplies and terrible living conditions. The soldiers who survived the ordeal came out twice as strong as they had been before.

George Washington sent many letters out from Valley Forge. Most of them dismal in outlook. One letter was to George Clinton, in it he states " All the magazines provided in the States of New Jersey, Pensylvania, Delaware and Maryland, and all the immediate additional supplies they seem capable of affording, will not be sufficient to support the army more than a month longer, if so long."He states how there are insufficient supplies.


During Their stay at Valley Forge, George Washington and his soldiers got stronger. Faced with many difficult hardships, the soldiers had to toughen up and develop a thick skin. When the prussian military officer Baron Friedrich Von Steuben arrived to help re-train the soldiers, their outlook brightened indeffinately.

Baron Friedrich Von SteubenMilitary Officer from Prussia1730-1794

George WashingtonGeneral of Continental Army & 1st President of America1732-1799


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