Valley Forge

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Valley Forge

1. On December 19th 1777 the American soldiers arrived in Valley Forge.2. The leaders at Valley Forge were George Washington (commander in chief), Friedrich Von Steuben (Inspecter General under Washington), and Marquis de Lafayette (a leader who joined the staff from the French Military.)3. Valley Forge is where the American soldiers first became one unit. Some people call Valley Forge the birth place of the American army4. The British were twenty-one miles away in Philadelphia so Washington could keep an eye out for them. 5. Valley Forge is located in the sotheastern corner or Pennsylvania, around twenty-five miles northwest of Philadelphia. 6. The day the soldiers marched into Valley Forge they built log cabins because it was winter. 7. At this point in the war, most soldiers were exhausted, sick, and near death. Many soldiers had no shoes or coats so they used blankets and rags. There was no hot water, little amounts of soap, the food was scarce and lots of soldiers died from diseases like small pox each day. 8. On Christmas Eve the troops dined on a meal of rice and vinegar.9. Washington's army left Valley Forge on June 19th, 1778.

Sources From the book "Valley Forge"

Valley Forge




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