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Social Studies
World War II

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Why did you choose to watch this film? Honestly, I wasn't sure which movie to pick. I'm a fan of Tom Cruise and found this via a Google search.Summary of movie: The end

of WWII is approaching and German Army Officers hope to save their country by assinating Hitler and using Operation Valkyrie to take control and create peace between the Allies with Colnel Stauffenberg as one of the main plotters and ways to success.

Cruise (right) has a strikingly similar resembelance to the real Stauffenberg (left).

Who & Why? Senior officers in the German Army believed that Hitler was dooming Germany to its defeat, or that defeat would come due to the battles in 1944. The officers believed that with the assination of Hitler, the Allies would be open to negotiating a "conditional surrender". The primary plotter was Colnel Claus von Stauffenberg because he had access to Hitler on a regular basis. Even if the plot failed, the goal was to show the world that not all Germans were in support of Hitler's regime.

What? Assinate Hitler with a bomb in a briefcase, then take control of the German government by activating Operation Valkyrie as a coup.

Where & When? The assination would take place during Hitler's regular military meetings in the conference room in Wolf's Lair (rather than the underground bunker the plotters anticipated) on July 20, 1944 .

After Tresckow, who was in charge of the original plot, was transffered to the Eastern Front, Stauffenberg then became in charge of the mission. As a badly wounded soldier who lost his left eye, right hand, and fingers from his left hand, he would be seen a less-likely suspect for the assination attempt. He was key because of his promotion to Colnel and Chief-of-Staff to General Fromm.

Result: This was the last of 15 failed assination attempts, which is one of the most famous, and the one closest to success.After the bomb went off, before confirming Hitler's death, Stauffenburn returned to Berlin to initiate Operation Valkyrie. Confusion on if Hitler was really dead or not affected the activity and members of the resistance group and plot turned on each other in order to save their skin. General Fromm, the one who iniated Operation Valkyrie, condemmned Stauffenberg and other conspirators to death.Stauffenburg and the others were executed that night in the courtyard of Bendlerblock, lit with the lights of a truck, via a makeshift firing squad.In all, there were around 5,000 arrests and 200 executions.

Why did it fail? 1. The briefcase was moved further away from Hitler after it was set down to behind the oak table's leg.2. The meeting was moved from the underground bunker, which would have been compact enough to kill everyone in the room.3. Stauffenburg was unable to add the second bomb with the one in his briefcase.


Conclusions: 1. The movie was well-made and did a good job at portraying the story. It was a little dramaticized, making the plot seem extremely close to success. Bounces around a bit, so if you're unfamilar with the story, you'll be confused, like I was.2. It's relatively accurate, with some characters involved in the real plot ommitted, like Stauffenberg's brother. It left out how Stauffenburg became involved with the plot because of his uncle's persuading, though he was briefly reffered to in a scene of the movie.3. The project was fun, but tedious in regards to research. Lots of sifting through various "historical" sites and books to understand the purpose of the plot and what factors played into its failure.4. I learned that assination attempts are hard, and that nothing happens outside of God's soverignty. If Hitler did die, I think things would be very different today.

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