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A Depressant: Valium is a type of benzodiazepine. this group of drugis designed to reduce anxiety andrelax your muscles. They are also used as a sedatative for surgeries. Because Valium relaxes, sedatates and calms you down, it is classified as a depressant.

Where to find help for Valium addiction: For valium addiction there are some websites and hotlines for you to call/visit to help stop your addiction. Some places to find information include: Coalition Against Drug Abuse, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Healthy Canadians, and the Kid's Help Phone (1-800-668-6868). Sites/hotlines like these can provide information for the addict on where to find help/rehab for their unhealthly addiction.

Why Some Students Decide to Use Valium: Since valium is a depressant and calms you down, students might want to take this drug to reduce their levels of stress and anxiety due to school/school work. They turn to drugs instead od a more postive way to vent out emotions, like taking a walk, for example. Valium is usually a perscribed drug so it might be required for the student to ingest it (at a proper dose). However, some students may choose to take valium because their friends are doing it and they want to look "cool" and fit in with their peers (peer pressure). And some kids might just do the drug for the feel of it, for fun just because they have nothing better to do and want to feel the high of valium or any other drug. Another reason could be because they're just curious, for example a family member of theirs might take valium and the student would like to try it, seeing the way their relative acts after popping a pill.

Why Some Students don't take valium: Some students know the effects on drugs to all areas of their life (i.e to school, family, etc) and choose not get into these kind of habits. Also, they might know how to deal with stress and anxiety in a more postive way, like walking away for a while or taking breaks instead of taking drugs. Also, some kids know how to handle peer pressure and how to not be dragged into things that are deemed "cool". They may do this by being assertive and saying no in a firm and friendly manor.

Other Side Effects of Valium (Taken medicinally): Some of the side effects of valium when used as persrcibed can cause you to have diarrgea, drowsiness , dry moutn, changes in appetite and nausea. However, the severe side effects of this depressant include: trouble urinating, constipation and blurred vision.

Long Term Effects of Valium: The long term effects of valium can be life threatening and permanent. Some of the long term effects of this drug include: memory loss, hallucination, difficulty breathing, slow pulse, comas and heart attacks.

Short Term Effects of Valium: Valium increases the amount of activity in your brain, a high from Valium creates a euphoric feeling. The user may feel a drunken high due to the coordination alteration and euphoric high. Over time, this high is more difficult to reach, causing the user to take more and more Valium. However, when the high is over, there is a crash or comedown. The brian is no longer in a mellow state and begins to speed up again. Some of the short term effects of Valium include: anxiety, irriation, fever, rapid heart rate, stomach cramps and depression.

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