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ValiantHolly Black



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Main Characters


Val is the main character in Valiant. She learns to sword fight, and she can see the faerie world. She also runs away from her home.


Ravus is a troll that Val meets later in the book. He teaches Val her sword skills, he is also the messenger faerie.



Lolli is a girl that lives on the street with Luis and Dave. She can see faeries too.

Luis is a friend of Lolli's. He works for Ravus, he delivers things to the other faeries. His twin is Dave.

Dave is Luis's twin, he's a little crazy. He usually does stupid stuff like jumping off bridges and stuff. But he helps them as well.


The setting is mainly in the subway tunnel where the four kids live (Under New York), but sometimes they are either at Ravus's treehouse or in the forest. This story is modern time, maybe 2008-2012.

Val is coming home from the mall, when she gets really mad at her mom and runs away. Soon, she finds Luis, Dave, and Lolli in the subway. They welcome her. Luis is going over to Ravus's to deliver something, but a curious Val follows. Luis discovers Val hiding in the shadows and Ravus meets her. Val comes back another day, and Ravus helps her to a sword. Soon, he teaches her how to use it. A few days later, one of the faeries gets poisoned by one of Ravus's products. Luis and Val break into her house and discover she framed Ravus. At the end, everyone goes to the Seelie court (in the forest) and gets the faerie arrested.

The author of Valiant is Holly Black. She is mainly known for her New York Times Best Seller, The Spiderwick Chronicles. That was a very good series, I read it a while ago. She now lives in New England with her son and husband.


Holly Black

If I had to rate this book, I'd give it a 6/10. I didn't like it because it didn't have a lot of action, it didn't have a lot of excitement. I also think that this book was a little bit boring. It was well written, but boring.

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