Valhalla Rising

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Valhalla Rising

Plot Summary

In Valhalla Rising Dirk Pitt and his crew of NUMA scientists go through quite the adventure. The story starts out in a cruise ship of the coast of brazil. The cruise ship has a fire on board and starts sinking when Pitt spotted it smoking off in the distance. The scientists run to the rescue and just barely get them off the ship. Pitt starts to investigate the fire and learns that the corporation Cerberus is responsible for the tragedy. After countless hours of investigating Pitt finds out about another attack soon to happen. Pitt will have to do the impossible to prevent it.

Character Description


The beginning of the story takes place on the cruise ship the Emerald Dolphin in the southern seas between Australia and Tahiti. Then, shortly after the cruise the characters get hijacked at sea and taken hostage. After that the story skips over to Alaska for a flashback. The rest of the story takes place in Manhattan, New York.

Silas Steiner12/6/15

Valhalla Rising

By Clive Cussler


The main character of Valhalla Rising is Dirk Pitt. Dirk Pitt is a handsome man in his late 30s. His black almost shaggy hair and green eyes attract women, and that's not all. He stands about three inches over six feet and weighs a lean 185 pounds. He is one of those cold rigid people that don't appeal to others but when you get to know him he is a friend worth having. Pitt works as a NUMA (National Underwater and Marine Agency) Oceanographer. And is a veteran from the Navy. Pitt has a fascination with vintage vehicles and owns his own hangar full of cars planes and boats.

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Valhalla Rising was one of the best books i've read in awhile. Its constant plot twists and thrilling action really complements the way the book was written. It had a great antagonist that you really started to hate as you read the book. While the protagonist you could relate to in so many different ways. It also puts in a side romance story for anyone to enjoy. The book started out kind of slow but built up the pace as it began to climax. Also, the tiny details no one would think about as important really came together in the end and made it a whole new level of writing. I give this book a five out of five stars and would recommend it to really anyone.


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